Welcome to the Mahone Bay Meditation Centre

Bring peace to the world by making peace with your mind

About Us

Located in the historic Mahone Bay Community Centre, MBMC strives to provide a safe, inclusive environment for the practice and study of meditation.  We are independent of any parent organization, and our community holds a variety of viewpoints both Buddhist and secular.

A number of our members have been meditation practitioners for many years, bringing a wealth of advice and expertise which they are happy to share with newcomers.

The Centre is run by a non-profit society and has no paid staff.  Everything that happens is done by volunteers, and the costs are covered principally by membership dues.   

For information on membership options and privileges please see our membership page.

What we offer

We facilitate the practice of mindfulness/awareness meditation as derived from many Buddhist traditions.  Group and individual instruction is available, as well as some guided sessions.  Mini-retreats and extended practice sessions occur several times a year, sometimes conducted by a guest teacher.

Classes and study groups augment the experiential sessions.  There are programs and instruction available catering to those desiring a more focused Buddhist approach to life.

Periodic community meetings, social events, and volunteer opportunities help to foster a friendly and cohesive community.

Everyone is encouraged to be an active participant and to come forward with new ideas and initiatives.


Regular programs are offered every week unless explicitly canceled.  These include meditation practices on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (10:30 – 11:30), and Sunday mornings (9 – 11).

Supplementary programs are offered frequently, but not on a regular basis.  Educational classes, practice clinics, lecture series, Sadhana practice, and similar material falls into this category.

Special programs are offered occasionally on no fixed schedule and include guest teachers, video presentations, group excursions, and many other activities.

See our calendar for up-to-date information.

If you have an idea for a program, please download our proposal form, fill in the details, and send it back to us.