2020 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the South Shore Buddhist Meditation Society was held on Saturday, March 14 2020 from 10am – noon.  If you are currently signed up for a membership at the Mahone Bay Meditation Centre, you are a member of SSBMS.

At this meeting:

  • the director’s annual report  and the 2019 financial report were presented
  • financial auditors for 2020 were appointed
  • vacant director positions were filled by acclamation
  • feedback on recommendations from the Decor Committee was received

Our by-laws allow us between 5 and 7 directors, approximately half of whom will resign (and maybe re-offer) each year.  This year 3 directors stayed on, 1 director resigned and re-offered, 3 directors resigned outright, and we had 3 nominations for new directors.  Members were invited to email us before March 7th if they wished to nominate anyone. 

A light lunch was served following the meeting.

Close to 30 people attended in person or via Zoom.