Green Buddhism

A workshop led by Andrew Rock, Saturday, Nov. 2nd 2019, 9am – 3pm.

In this workshop, we will rely on meditation, deep sharing & listening, collective wisdom, creative exercises and our own open-heartedness to look deeply into our grief and concern for our ailing world, and how we can practice and act to help restore harmony and well-being.

We’ll begin by stopping and calming with silent and guided meditations. Together, we’ll explore obstacles to awakening to the reality of what is happening in our world, and to taking skillful action.  We’ll discuss the Buddhist teachings of interbeing, ethics, and well-being.  We’ll examine our own consumption habits and ways to simplify our lives.  Finally, we’ll talk about how we can take meaningful action to help heal our ailing society, ecosystems and planet.

Bring your own mug or water bottle.  There will be a lunch break of about 1 hour around midday.  Please make your own meal arrangements.